Even greater focus

Industries worldwide rely on our essential chemistry in the manufacture of everyday products such as paper, plastics, building materials, and personal care items.

We have about 10,000 employees and operate in over 80 countries around the world. As AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, we built up a wealth of expertise, forged long-term partnerships, and earned a place among the best performing companies in our industry in terms of safety, sustainability, and reliability.

Now that we’re Nouryon, we’re putting even greater focus on what it takes to be a global specialty chemicals leader.

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Who we are

Over our nearly 400-year history, we have become a world leader in highly demanding chemistry. In the process we have accumulated experience and expertise few can match, allowing us to deliver superior product quality and performance to our customers and help them grow. We’ve also pushed ourselves to become leaders in terms of safety and sustainability, giving us the tools we need to keep blazing a trail for the rest o 8 f the industry to follow.

We can break that down into three key parts that give insights into who we are:

Your partner

We build strong relationships and believe that collaboration is key to our success.

Essential chemistry

We have important work to do which we take seriously.

People count on us!

Sustainable future

We focus on the long term and are committed to sustainability in everything we do.

Ethics and Integrity

We are committed to doing business ethically and responsibly. Nouryon's Code of Conduct embodies the key ethical principles of Integrity, Responsibility and Respect and governs how we must engage in business with our employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders.

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What we do

We produce essential chemicals and are experts in highly demanding chemistry. Industries worldwide rely on our essential chemistry in the manufacture of everyday products such as paper, plastics, building materials, food, pharmaceuticals, and personal care items. Our unique product portfolio includes cellulosics, salt, organic peroxides, chlor-alkali, bleaching chemicals, expandable microspheres, and surfactants, and we count Eka, Dissolvine, Trigonox, Berol, and JOZO among our many leading brands.


A snapshot of the markets we serve

Our new name and heritage

Our new name is inspired by two of our company's many pioneers: Jan Nourij and Gerrit van der Lande. They continue to inspire us to this day.

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How we are organized

Our strategy

We focus on continuous improvement and working with our customers to develop sustainable solutions so that we can grow together. We continue to expand capacity and work on product and process innovations that allow us to increase volumes and profitability.

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How we work

We work hard to find innovative and sustainable ways to help our customers and partners progress, because when they grow, we grow too. We apply this same diligence to our own operations, constantly striving to improve the way we do business. To accomplish this, we nourish a culture which prioritizes collaboration and integrity. Our company values - leading the way, growing together, and delivering on commitments - enable us to be not only an industry leader but also a trusted partner, respected employer, and a responsible member of the communities in which we operate.

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We are Nouryon

Your partner in essential chemistry
for a sustainable future

Industries worldwide rely on our essential chemistry in the manufacture of everyday products such as paper, plastics, building materials, and personal care items. Building on the dedication of our employees and our shared commitment to safety, sustainability, and open innovation, we have established a world-class business and built strong partnerships with our customers. We operate in over 80 countries around the world and our portfolio of industry leading brands includes Eka, Dissolvine, Trigonox, and Berol.

Want to grow together with a company that is forward-looking and continuously improve?

Our employees have ideas on how to build a sustainable future and possess the drive and passion to realize them. They believe that building long-term relationships and integrity are keys to success. If that describes you, we will gladly make way for your ambitions.