From small microsphere to big idea

For 40 years, we have continuously pioneered new products and new usage areas for Expancel Microspheres. You’ll find them in a huge array of products around the world – from the paint on your walls to the car you drivethe shoes you walk in  and the packaging that protects your food.

Expancel Microspheres is the secret ingredient that gives leading products the edge. If something looks better, feels better or performs better, it might well contain Expancel. 

Watch the video to learn more about Expancel Microspheres and what it can be used for.

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From small microsphere to big idea

It’s a simple concept – a small thermoplastic microsphere encapsulating a gas. Add heat and the gas expands while the shell softens. The result is a dramatic increase in volume and billions of new possibilities. Expancel has dual functionality as both a lightweight filler and a blowing agent. When you need to cut manufacturing costs, reduce weight, create attractive textures, protect against damage or shield against the elements, Expancel Microspheres delivers.

Product description

We offer a variety of chemical compositions to give expansion at different temperatures. A range of particle sizes available  - expanded or unexpanded  - makes it possible to achieve numerous surface effects, including matting, smoothness and roughness. The very low density gives a significant weight reduction even at small dosages of our microspheres. 

Expancel WU Wet, unexpanded microspheres ideal for developing waterborne products. Particle sizes range between 6μm and 24μm (20µm - 80µm in expanded form) offering suitable foaming even in low temperatures.
Expancel DU Dry, unexpanded microspheres, powerful dry, unexpanded microspheres that adds countless advantages to your production process and its outcome.
Expancel SL Slurry, unexpanded microspheres dispersed in water, adding the right bulk and stiffness in your product or adding antislip properties to your paper coating
Expancel MB Masterbatch, unexpanded microspheres mixed with a carrier giving complete control in the foaming, and  essential benefits in thermoplastic products and applications.
Expancel WE Wet, expanded microspheres, a brilliant cost-saving, weight-reducing lightweight filler for a number of applications and industries. 
Expancel DE(T) Dry, expanded microspheres with low density, extreme elasticity and low moisture absorption – giving you a magnificently beneficial ingredient for a wide range of applications
Expancel FG Microspheres for food packaging applications, enhance your products safety and consistency though a partners whose regulations are approved by authorities worldwide. 


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OUr microspheres are marketed all over the world via our headquarters in Sweden where we also have R&D and production. We have 15 sales offices across the world and a worldwide network of distributors that enables us to meet the demand wherever it arises.